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A few weeks ago, I called in a panic because I had to get my son's car's recalls fixed that day so we could ship it to Anchorage, AK the very next day. Mrs. Charletta took my call and to my surprise she and all of you made it possible! Y'all were amazing and I'm so very thankful! Please share this picture with Mrs. Charletta and the rest of the team. John loves his new to him Subaru and is so thankful for your help! And this Momma, who has been saying for years that my next car will be a Subaru, even though I'll be driving my 10 year old minivan for a few more years till we pay off Johns car, my next car will be a Subaru and I cannot wait to come and buy one from you all! Thank you so much!!

Thankful for you all,
Melanie (mom), Ronny (dad), John (soldier), and Paul (little brother who inherited big brothers old Jeep and is also happy!)

Aka, the Seal family

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